Cheap Make Up for Ritz scars

I have scars on the forearm to the wrist from ritzen.War even the psychologists and walk me relatively well, but I am a perfectionist and when I see my scars ... So I wanted to ask you know a cheap waterproof make up I order cover my scars And? could write me the approximate price? Happy Dani

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There are creams that make your scar a little verschwident and is no longer visible as I've also done after my ice hockey umfall)

That's a part of your life and if you can not do it and you're alright. shows but strength only. Tell them Just open.

A long-sleeved sweater costs about 20 €

Gwh Just from the drugstore and try camouflage makeup and the right powder. However, please makeup only on scars NOT on sore or paperboard crusts!

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