Check The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot health with program?

Is it possible, in the above-mentioned game interrogate the health or mana with another program? For example, this program aims at a certain number of life points play a sound, etc. Which programming language you could do this? And how would that look something? Thanks in advance

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That's possible, yes. Programming language is, I think, quite matter. (C, C ++, Java, Python, ...).

That what your program may need is the "place" in the working out where the mana and health value is stored. Then just constantly query by a continuous loop if the value is lower than the chosen by you, and if that is the case can play a sound.

I know "The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot" not. It may be that the game has an anti-cheat application, if this is the case may be, depending on how this anti-cheat software works, this software recognizes your program and you kick or one probably from the game. even permanently locks.

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