Chess position - Which train would you do next or what strategy

would you follow here?

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Mach 'you but even times your thoughts. When we chew you everything you learn nothing. There is really very good final books of Dr. Carsten Müller and Mark Dvoretsky that explain this kind positions ... :-)

http: // ...

Highly recommended … :-)

Since you can not black checkmate in the next train, I would try to bring a farmer up and protect with a tower. Ideally someone strikes one of the black towers, which you can then chip away itself (farmer against Tower - good exchange), or you'll catch a lady.

When White on train, it is clear that the tower must C3.

Black is on the train, I would give chess, then tighten the F-farmers. White has to beat. Etc. This idea would have to first think over. Depending on how compelling it perhaps leads to a disadvantage for white, you may have to move the tower to C3 / reject the idea.

I would fall over my king.

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