Chihuahua dog needs surgery

Hello dear, I have a little Chihuahua dog who accompanied me for many years. Last week I discovered that has the Purulent discharge. I'll be with her to the vet .. And then came the shock message "I can count ourselves lucky that she is still alive," I was the same very bad. It has an ulcerated uterus and now needs urgent surgery. Now my question to euch..leider I am currently in the situation that I get ALG 2 and the operation to be as cost € 400. Because someone knows of you if it somehow possibilities are that can support a financially as an institution ?! I have to meet in the next 14 to decide, as they are still on antibiotics at the moment me now. I can not leave just die, she is my everything. I hope you can give me advice.

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Since you do not get support. Question friends and relatives whether you borrow money. Some veterinarians also offer installment.

but talking with your vet if he agrees to accept payment by installments. operates your dog must anyway

I have already asked for an installment, the deposit for that I can not afford.

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