Child benefit payout?

am currently on the adult education and make the bgj what I had to end this year in the summer also deer family checkout the school certificate last year already geschicgeschickt.als I the abbrechnung saw I had noticed that the child support is not paid ist.wollt times in march today know obs could be an error or have not been paid by design is.

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So, I'm out of your text is not very clever ... "am currently on the adult education and make the bgj what I had to end this year in the summer"

How can you have finished what already this year in the summer, if not even is summer?

And on which settlement did you watched? You get not a statement of the child benefit?

Quite another thing, you're ev. Turned 18?

The simplest way is that you go to your parents (which are beneficiaries and not you - or do you have a child?) And just call the family at checkout. As you get immediately the appropriate information.

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