Child benefit Unemployment / seeking work?

I am 20 years old and am reported seeking work and wanted to ask whether I have a right to child benefit. Everywhere something else is on the Internet. So I hope here to ne clear answer from you. ^^

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Do you AFTER the first training? Extract from the flyer for child support:

4.2 Child allowance is paid for a 18 year old child until the age of 21 years, when it is not in an employment relationship and without the workplace Regardless prerequisites of the explained under point 4.5 Anspruchsvor- at an employment agency in Germany, a other for unemployment benefits competent performers or public employment in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland is registered as seeking employment. Minor activities include the child benefit not demanding from. Minimis occurs when the gross receipts amount to no more than 450 € per month average. Has the jobseekers child abgeleistet out military service, community service or a corresponding service at the age of 21 years, will this time delay (see section 4.1) child support over 21 years also continue to be paid if the service or activity prior to 1.7. 2011 was begun.

Accordingly, you still have to claim it. LG

If you are registered with the Employment Agency seeking work and not yet 21 are, then you're having a child out of work and would have to claim!

Would you still additional ALG - need 2 increase from the job center, then you would child benefit not bring much, because your allowances would you then already from your ALG - peeled 1 and the child benefit credited fully to your needs, you then could the application save on diversion.

Without training or school you USUALLY get child benefit.

only in a design, or if you are studying, otherwise not! It's for you, right?

If you have a child, then you are also entitled to child benefit.

Yes should be entitled to you as long as you have 25 are.

The child allowance your parents, not you.

Again 100 different answers: / what is right?

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