Child cramps without reason.

The child of my sister cramps up basic so if you want put it toward changing diapers or so last time it was so blatant that they cried around like a crazy .. only if you even want to lie down any or only slightly backward " bends "but it's never something happened that it might have a reason .. maybe you know why that is?

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nothing happened "for no reason", and certainly not in infants.

How do you know that there's never anything happened? It could be that it is times like down, or that it is choking, or or or.

Nevertheless, it may be natural that there has never been an incident, but then the reaction is also not without reason. The child does not do that voluntarily, something in you solve this panic. Even if you should not get it, what it is, you should take seriously this matter. A small child because you can not say, for example "introduce yourself nciht so on" and push down did not work - that makes it worse.

I would first of all try to use a different technique, and to see whether they also cries when it is not placed on the back. Then I would slowly get used to this situation, the games they cant eg, daily new backward and highly lupfen again. When linked with the whole happiness, it may go away on its own.

Observed times exactly when it happened. Perhaps you are missing any detail? I wish you success!

How old is the child now?

Has it always been a "cry baby"?

Reasons there may be many who, the zbsp anything in pregnancy or in childbirth de something happened ..

Was that a normal delivery or a Caesarean section?

Especially children who have been brought by Caesarean section, are more common cry children as per normal delivery .. is a kind of "trauma" could have the child, bad experiences ..

You should therefore time to go to an osteopath ..

I would have been ten times the pediatrician. What's your sister for? ^^

If all checkups have been made, some drastically would probably be noticed.

I would only times be excluded from the pediatrician, it is something organic.

Nothing but Nothing at all happens without a reason!

From the doctor and if nothing takes off to the next!

should discuss your sister with her pediatrician ...

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