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I would like to start a part-time job in addition to my school. I'm not too busy or whatever, in the week I have a lot of time except on Wednesdays, so I 8 hours. Anyway, I am 13 and want me necessarily establish a part-time job, it would be best (as in the title) or similar but I'm not so sure if it works. Go in the Kindergarten as the middle of the week to come over and once there dan to work between 2-3 hours? I want to do something and not just at home squatting, I want to earn money, humor, it just makes me. I have also tried time today to call my former kindergarten (I know the educator very good) but have so far addressed only a summer job and no part-time job. I now just do not know whether the line of the kindergarten would do that, you had time to experience it? Or what you can actually make for side jobs but even with 13 years? If now someone comes up with: "Just pick friends and meet up" o "Go out and kpmmer'm not asking for money etc.". Therefore, it is not just. I want to make something what makes me fun and I experience otherwise always the same in my everyday life, so does something new sometimes good to me. (Ps, my parents have no objection to a next job / summer job nothing)

Thank you for answers and tips how or where (...) :)


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I can only write once a few thoughts about "dog sitting":

you should Please keep in mind that it is not enough when going for a walk, to walk with the dog on a leash through the area. Even when going for a walk, the dog must be "educated" - or be paid to the already learned education (do not pull on the leash, no contact with other dogs, etc. pp.) Dogs have very fast out with whom they allow what can.

There can also lead to dangerous situations, for example, the dog is attacked by larger dogs etc.

If you paid someone money for Gassigehen he expects usually that the dog is also utilized (physically and mentally) - that one should be able and know how to do it.

At your age there is the additional that you by no means allowed to go alone with any dog.

I would my dog ​​(sorry, that's not personal! Against you) Never trust a young girl, even if they are super well behaved. The still unpredictable situations and dangers are just too unpredictable.

And then something very important to:

Will you paid for it, then NOT this activity is insured by the dogs liability of the holder. You yourself are responsible for the dog and would have for all people and also pay damages that happen (can). Also for any injury (or worse) in the dog.

Therefore, you would have to conclude definitely a dog sitter liability.

That you were allowed to do such a thing in any case only with the permission of your parents is obvious, but you've got, as you write.

Good succeed


In a nursery you will you perhaps allow a kind internship - but for that you get no money ... and I do not believe that this works if you always "stand in" for a short time can ...

Here in NRW courses for aspiring babysitter offered free by the German Red Cross sometimes. If you have successfully completed such a course, you could probably off and get a job as a babysitter.

Just call me with you to the Red Cross and ask whether there is something ...

Good luck!

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