Child support despite auszeitsjahr

Hello, I would like to study medicine, but I have to be admitted to this program, make the medicine test, this takes place in March, that would be parallel to my graduation this year, and is therefore not recommended. One should make a quiet phase him more, since the learning curve is correspondingly high. I intend therefore to suspend a year about to make first 3-6 months work and travel in New Zealand, (starting from August), then make the medicine test, and even longer, also positively taken into internship in a hospital. As you can see is my 'auszeitjahr' traversed by effective plans for my future and is not intended for relaxation or orientation. It is to me only to enable and facilitate off in my desired studies. My question now is, what it looks like with the child support. I already know that you have to prove that they had sought for a place or (if only feigned) can sign up for a study. As I during the period of registration (August) already but I am in New Zealand, the latter option is very difficult to implement. Can I show my story legitimate, so that my child benefit is still guaranteed? Can I, as another option, a summer semester in the following year ('16 would) use to be considered as 'prospective student'? Are the applications available for study before August so that the problem of the absence in this period is not relevant? I hope someone can give me at least answer questions one of my many. That would mjr a huge help because I can not find right person for this not entirely legal problem: D Thank you !!

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"Child benefit for children who reside abroad" (Extract from the Income Tax Act (ITA) with explanations) § 62 (1) of the EStG is worded as follows: For children within the meaning of § 63 shall be entitled to child benefit under this law, whoever. 1 domestically is domiciled or habitually resident, or 2. without domicile or habitual residence in Germany a) according to § 1 para. 2 is liable to income tax or b) according to § 1 para. 3 as liable to income tax treated wird.1. General § 62 Income Tax Act defines the categories of potential recipients. There is a right, if one parent meets the circumscribed personal conditions and with him at least one child, it should be transferred for other than an exclusion stock pursuant to § 65 Income Tax Act or by or interstate law vorliegt.Erfüllt a parent (no longer) the eligibility requirements according to § 62 EStG, is always to check for each child individually. 1 if another parent (also step-parents, foster or grandparents) meets the eligibility criteria under § 62 EStG and, failing that; 2. whether a right to child benefit under § 1 Federal Child Benefit Act (BKGG) consist kann.Ein claim under § 62 EStG (also of another parent) always goes a claim for the same child under § 1 BKGG (cf. § 2 para 4 BKGG..); on the priority regulation d. § 64 EStG it comes to the extent not AN.2. Domicile or habitual residence in Germany claim has basically only one parent who has a domicile or habitual residence in Germany (State of residence principle). A foreigner must in addition the requirements of § 62 para. 2 EStG meet. The terms "residence" and "ordinary residence" the term determination Ender §§ 8 and 9 of the Tax Code (AO) .For apply the judgment of domicile or habitual residence alone are actually ratios significantly (BFH, ruling of 10 November 1978, Federal Tax Gazette. II 1979 p 335). The bloßeAbsicht to justify or abandon a domicile or habitual residence, or dieAn- and logging out of the regulatory authority alone is negligible (BFH judgment of 14 November 1969, Federal Tax Gazette. II 1970 p 153). The register legal and deregistration can also be viewed alsIndiz of whether a residence or habitual residence under derangegebenen Address founded or been abandoned ist.Nach the AO, two or more residences, either domestically or abroad, Presence. Also, in one place, there is a residence and in another country of gewöhnlicheAufenthalt liegen.Solange inland a residence is irrelevant where the habitual residence .A beside the domestic domicile existing ordinary residence in Germany is erstmit abolition of residence quite considerably , As far as the text also domiciled abroad, is basically to examine whether a right to family benefits abroad is to dortigemnationalen or above or between state law and who has the claims denVorrang.

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During the internship, you or your parents should definitely get Kindergelkd.

As long as you do your first training, you have a legal guardian or you get yourself, raising allowance.

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