Child talks to 4 years still gibberish!


the little son of a very close friend will soon 4 years old, and still can not speak properly. Actually he can speak no single correct sentence. He is a very active child, rages and plays like a normal child. But if he losredet, a total gibberish coming out here. Not a single, spoken word makes sense. The only words he can speak properly are mom, grandpa and dad. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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If the little ones during the day even put a pacifier in his mouth, so he's happy?

Gets it to drink at night a bottle so he sleeps better and he constantly chew on them?

Gets the Small to eat only soft foods (eg bread without crust, waffles, soft biscuits, not toasted toast,), so that he does not have to bite?

That sounds harsh, but is meant ironically, because there are many children who have this fate - then you need not be surprised that the child does not learn to speak properly.

I am language expert. Learning to speak not only to do what intelligence and learning ability, but mainly with the mouth muscles. If you feed children incorrectly and long pacifier and Co. leaves them forever, then it comes to the language faded. It prevents them from being able to make the sounds correctly.

Meeting the above things but not to, then the child should be introduced quickly with a speech therapist. This requires a prescription from a pediatrician. Actually, the pediatrician at the regular examination of the child would have to be self-made it aufmeksam that the child needs a speech therapist, as well as the kindergarten teachers. In such cases, they would have to actually address the parents on it and advise them.

Perhaps the friend has not often practiced with the little one? You can tackle them even once. Or he is developmentally just not as much as other children his age or limited in any way in the development.

Otherwise: Practice speaking with him!

My nephew is two and now begins to speak - when the words not even have the right ... He is really into tractor (tractors), but the hot with him "poop". Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, arm Piwi (my dog) ... these simple words sit with him but already. I would be there contact a specialist. The earlier deficiencies are detected, the more can there still be made ...

Late bloomer ...

What the Kinderartz say? That would have to be explored long.

Intensive work with the child and indeed talk, normal, not the oh so popular balabala. Krabbelgruppe also randomly would not be bad.

It does her a challenge, so it is in need to develop further.

Hear it any good?

That sounds very sad. From birth to toddler age, there is a massive increase of synapses in the human brain. This time is referred to as the critical period, because it is a crucial stage in neuronal development. Under the influence of experience, the first in abundance scale neural connections to adaptive neural circuits establish. The synapses are not needed are "deleted". If lacking in this crucial time the linguistic stimulation, which are important for language systems can not be established and a subsequent acquisition of the language is no longer completely possible.

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