Children Motorcycle with 12

Hey, I got the question if I could drive a Kidermotorrad already with 12th My father says I need for an examination because the indeed greater than 50cc are. Is that correct?

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join now ride in a motocross club, since you darst already with 12 years.

But no Perform license is required.

In public roads and also private, unless it is blocked, you may not drive this vehicle.

On the one hand you have no driver's license. On the other hand, these vehicles are not approved for road traffic.

On enclosed land, about which you or your father have / has custody, driving is generally allowed. But neither a driving license nor a license is required.

As long as it's your own house you may there without authorization and driving license.

That's right for you need NEN moped driving license and because of this only from 14 (I think) is ..

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