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Hi my family and I want to set a dog we want a really playful not lazy. A family-friendly dog ​​and are interested in the dog. Australian Shepherd, border collie, labrador retriever, golden retriever Ps We live country and the dog is about 3 hours to be alone, we want summarized a friendly and playful dog

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Aussi and Collie need just really a lot of movement and their hats request can annoy ever. Labrador and Goldi are there very easily, both love water and are very playful. They also learn quickly and are great family dogs - I can only recommend you so! The Goldi needs more grooming than the Labbi but work really does not do well. There are naturally very dear dog, his family pet is their greatest happiness. In summer it's pretty cool when the dog goes swimming with, the Agility can they also, in general they are the purpose of dog sports all doors are open (comes naturally to the individual character of) Otherwise I can recommend the Flat-Coated Retriever, they are similar Goldis only narrow and somewhat racier. Be careful when feeding, Golden Retriever Labrador as were formerly used to water to catch up with the wets, so they put a fast fat around (then they needed it as heat pads) today is rather annoying. This is also the reason why so many Goldis and Labbis are obese. However, it is not an art to keep it slender, simply look at the amount of feed and vote again and again and keep in mind that they start treats and Co simply faster than other dogs.

I wish you much fun with the dog! :)

The Australian Shepherd and Border Collie are Sheepdogs and not simply in education.

Even the supposedly easy "beginner dog" as the Labrador and Golden Retriever are pleased with a task for which they were grown, eg Dummytraining.

Generally, I recommend you the shelters. There you will also what dog could advise suit you.

And how friendly the dog is located for the most part on the socialization.

Aussi and Border collie I would also advise against the need CORRECT tasks. The first few months can not you let alone the puppy, so you have to get in the clear to be the ye can bring a puppy. Labrador and Golden Retriever are indeed family dogs, but it is very much on the character of whether they are active or not

Friendly and Playful does not depend on the race but on character and upbringing.

From Aussi and Border Collie, I advise you, because the need proper employment. Denne rich two hours walking the dog not, these are real workhorses. The other two are a little more modest, but also the need for what the head.

Surely you also want a puppy. But the can until at least 6 months with ever be left alone, what happens in front of him?


Australian Shep. and Border Collie are not necessarily playful. During l need these two kind of a lot of employment and training .... Also be several hours alone that is for these dogs tend not good.

Labrador takes extremely much employment.

I would say your description can fit on each race. it always depends on the dog itself to strikes from beings ago. please have a look at the animal shelter, the prices are there mostly the same as de from breeders. and so it is guaranteed to find the perfect dog

the dog is about 3 hours to be alone

then a puppy would not be recommended. A puppy can not let the first few months alone. Puppies need every 2 hrs. And in between out, several times daily. Are fed and educated.

At best it looks at you times at the shelter around, there are many dogs that are already trained to look for a nice home. Many pedigree dogs are to be found there!

Then I recommend a half-breed, who is usually a very balanced character and are good family dogs. The dogs that you have enumerated all need a lot of movement, the mitbedenken please also, you must then also in bad weather every day for several hours with such a low. Just stop by the shelter, sitting there quite a lot of sweet love dogs who would love to belong to your family.

Eurasians should ye also look at yet playful loving not bark affectionate and can sometimes be a few hours alone in the not.

And just horny when they see snow as rotate through no matter what age as if they were a child again and play and gorgeous very cool: D

Flat Coated Retriever !!! Same family as Labrador and Golden Retriever, easy slimmer, less muscular, narrower snout (I find beautiful), not as a large head and longer hair on tail, belly, neck, legs and ears. A real lovable family dog. Dutifully, uncomplicated, lerhfähig, loyal, active, peaceful and playful. Also optimal dealing with children. Flat coated Retriever need rather a lot of movement (such as Retriever general) but that are so mad dogs!

Google just once!

Congratulations for the decision. Could you recommend the Labrador warmly. Is a great family dog, docile, playful, loyal, but they are actually all.

this og.Hunde are protective and herds guard dogs, have to guard their sheep and a large area of ​​?? maybe start with a mixed breed from the shelter, very soz.Tiere and for beginners are better suited.

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