Cinema after 22 o'clock? Rated

Hello I'm only in 2 weeks 16 and wants to go to a film which is from 12, but goes to 22:15. Can I get in there?

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Clear you may that was with me that way, and the people who worked there were already eeecht strictly.

Hmm .. I know I'm not came in time with my father in a film from 16 because he went longer than 0 pm (Feels 5 min at 0 o'clock) so I'm rather skeptical: D

Just try it or ask simply times)

If You're 16 then you may up at 24 o'clock alone something out

Legally you may not (to 16-22 pm, range 18 - 24 o'clock) .. would bring security to ne proxy a 16 or 18+ years who calls or at least a permission letter from the parents :)

Depends on how strict the cinema there is, at the movie theater in my town would definitely go.

Just call the best there and ask for :)

No you can not. Unless you have someone over 18 case and the written permission of your parents that you must clean with this.

This is now only the legal side. If the 22:15 is really over and you do not look like grade 12, probably no one will say what :)

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