City Council allocates Wesenstest on because the dog has barked times 2 same person

Hi I have a little problem I have a franchise from Einwohnermeldeamt get there I must make is a character test! My dog ​​is a German Shepherd

He has 2 times barked the same person that is the foundation of the city

This person does not even have a scratched or had contact with my dog ​​is this legit? Who can give me as provide useful information

The best answer

When complaints about the dog present, it is legal to place a character test. As the situation for the person being barked looked here can judge nobody. Even the "barking at" is uncomfortable, especially for people who are afraid of dogs.

If the dog is otherwise not noticeable, you have nothing to worry about in the test anyway.

In Germany, it is so that you have to do anything as long as you condemned not judge anything.

It is legal when your dog has proved to be "dangerous". barking at someone is not among them.

Generally this is not a problem that the dog makes the character test. Mach is simple and good. Are not the first.

This is annoying, but you should make the sequence

If the city administration instructs him, do not you come around there, let's do

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