Clash of Clans farms Th 9

In which league should I go to clash of clans for farms? (Am Rathaus 9)

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Try it in gold 1 am also T9 and in the league and it works very well. But today again 2 million farmed resources

am rh9 and I always Jumpe between gold and 1 Kristal 3 hold you there on there you'll find good loot

Hey Marvin,

That all depends on what resources you might like spezialisierst. For Gold / elixir I would recommend Gold I warmly. Of course, to be found in the lower areas and inactive players, ie full mines / collector.

To capture Dark elixir I would put myself in the crystal leagues. It costs a little effort to stay in there and you get a bonus of b Dark contains.

I hope I could help you, because I myself am TH9.

MfG ToHoc13

I would recommend Gold 3, you'll find many dead Acc

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