Clash of clans login?

Hi folks since I put my s5 to the factory settings back, I can as often as I would like on the "google +" notifying button press at Clash of clans, but nothing happens. My "Play Games" app even loads. These can be opened, but remains white. I then get a new s5 of the Telekom due to a surface defect at Samsung, but the same problems occur anyway. How do I sign up again?

Greeting Niclas

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You have in the system settings save the new Google+ account from you. Then you go in Coc, then click the Google+ button and then would stand there select Account. Click enemy, and then it loads.

Clear profile in the settings, the Google and new add

Have exactly the same problem, am soon to despair. Bock on the support since I failed, which is only a very small error to have a few, and therefore no one can "solve". @ MOF4FR3AK: Thanks for your answer! Can not imagine anything including that it should go at once but an attempt is worth it and at least one answer ;-)

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