Clash of Clans Resorcen farms

You know how I can farm in CoC good Dark Eleczier without losing as much trophies and Elekzier?

And as I can farm trophies without so much Eleczier lose?

The best answer

  1. Stay best in crystal or higher
  2. Griffins with Brach at (+ Flash)
  3. take tests each RH
  4. zuzerstören attempts achievable drill (if they are reasonably full, depending on the level)
  5. Flashes full Delexlager and drill (with possibility always drill as they bring relatively much dings)

1 question what level are you? 2. question which city hall if you need dark you can of gold crystal 1to 1 actually farms well ....

Elekzier ... well whatever. If you want to lose little dark ELIXIR and no trophies but then a base where the town hall and the Elixierl in the center are building. Lg

Silver 1 is suitable for farms well

Invites you time auto coc reloader down the program is super.

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