Clash of Clans tips 28000 Jewels which begin

Hi I got from my rich friend Birthday Jewels coc and now Do I need tips for which I should spend it better to buy for beschläunigungen or gold and elixir or the radical worker I am still pretty bad've only 2 weeks before the beginning you can yes let's see my Clan: Leon's communities with between 40-50 people, I am the leader. Then you peeps times my village and writes times ... I could of course also the town hall level make 7 but I do not know if that's as smart as my friend has said first mach Hall Level 6 Max before you do on. 7 Thanks in advance: D LG Leon

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Hi, I would give you the advice that you most saw considerate with building huts in the long success. I would also economical with jewels and me only uppen only important things. Direct vertigstellen it also does not bring, because you make kkann eh much the same with 4 building huts. So nurnoch remain the resources for your rest Jewels (if you buy the site huts).

PS: Your friend is right, always only Max Would you like to have in my clan, even if I'm not leader..

Julian TheDarkShadow (15 members)

My advice, what would I do with it:

1.Bauhütten buy (is very important especially in the beginning!)
Enable 2.Schub for barracks, magic factory -> so you get the fastest of resources
Enable 3. For collectors and mines thrust (is not as effective as boost for barracks, can you do but if you have no desire to play always 2 hours at a time ...)

That's it ... Buy at any possibility of gold or elixir it or shorten Times so rendiert itself!

And since you mention it ... always try first for a town hall expand everything is possible, and only then to level the town hall.

make site huts and thrust

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