Class work, more than half the class a 6?

In the last class work in math 75% of the class has a 6 get. The note will be counted but nevertheless, influencing the witness. should the teacher that?

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Yeah it is allowed to. If any ne has 1, complains indeed none, although the work was clear to easy

If you are of the opinion that the work was too hard, then you should report this to the rector and the work can be checked whether it was in accordance with the requirements. Nevertheless - meaning a class work is not that is so judged that the notes go from 1-3.

Normally, the work is taken down when the average is below 4.0. Then the better grade, whether it was written in the first or second work.

Is he allowed to do that? In principle, yes, when he can demonstrate that you have dealt with the matter in the classroom and can solve ye had the task based on the teaching material.

If you have gone through the material, the teacher can not do anything if you (probably) instead of learning rather depend on any of these parties ;-)


You had the Pythagorean theorem.

Allowed: "Calculate the base following triangle ..."

Forbidden: "Calculate the volume of the sun."

When in doubt, there's with you so sure a guidance counselor with whom you can talk about it.

Gab's with us a few times. Lag but to us, not the test or the teacher.

If the work was appropriate, then help either no more begging.

For us it was so ,: The classwork has been rewritten when wrote over half the class a 6. You can indeed times try to talk with the instructor here.

Sure, why are you trying because now the teacher to blame. You have to work but screwed up. There are villeicht other reasons, but 25% of students have at least a little learned or paying attention in class. everyone is responsible for his first marks itself.

If the work was fine and the teachers all had really interrogated things that can know had you.

He clearly allowed the then. Why not. ^^

as educational occupied measure it is allowed to. There is the rule (no law!) that is graded worse than 4 at a certain percentage of the class, this procedure must be repeated. But a right, there is not ultimately

Ask the Directorate! Anyway, this is a sure sign that the instruction was modest!

Of course, he must, what can he help it if all of you doing nothing.

Yes logically the teacher must. He can work easily approve, and you're the clear.

Power indeed sense - otherwise students could indeed be denied, intentionally verkacken work collectively, and to rewrite as many times.

Just because a work mies fails, that does not not mean that it must be repeated :-)

yaaa he allowed that if you stop to was heard in teaching and blame yourself off are that you can not do it and he can prevail when director ..

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