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Who can recommend me a good classical homeopaths in Konstanz area?

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Hello destiny36, usually you find homeopaths in the network, as well as the bill of stands and, in your case, if the homeopath "classical" homeopathy operates, or source homeopathy, or after Körbler ... or any of the many other variations.

What makes a recommendation on a public portal such as this you really? Probably just advertising. In my opinion, are not really apparent to you as helpful here made recommendations. It's very simple, such questions to answer with direct recommendations - and therefore easy to advertise (to leave) for any practice. Unfortunately work on this tour many review forums on the net.

On the other hand you should not be writing this if you had a negative experience with a specific HP because this would be bad for business. You should therefore make advertising, even without ever having been there. But one should not name a homeopath with whom one has had a bad experience.

The directories you can find, although the names of homeopaths who pay their membership fees, but if that says something about their abilities? That would indeed everything "good" be. And where to find the "less good"?

Just call me at your health insurance and issue there after.

however, I believe that you can you of course here recommend a good homeopath, with which one has even personal experiences and acquaintances who have. So I can not serve, but check out some games, the website of the German Central Association for homeopathic physicians, and there the keyword "Doctors".

The members of this long-established association have all made an entrance examination, not only paid an amount members.

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