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Dear People How do you do it with your dogs? My dog ​​is a little older and the claws grow faster. Now I've bought so a pair of scissors. From a medical specialist trade. But my dog ​​is afraid. I have not verletztz him. Some claws I could cut, he was shaking and I gave up. I then just showed him the pliers and a bit rumgefummelt, but not cut. show with plenty of treats and tongs I showed my dog ​​that I'm serious. I have just lifted paws and with the tongs off rumgepingelt without cutting. He was stressed. I want to do every day until I caught all the long claws now. How do you do this? At first he had to einn muzzle. I have to be left out and wanted to see if he makes it without also. Well then has not worked well with cut, because I myself was scared. I cutting practiced with toothpicks before I went to the dog .. Two-thirds of all claws I cut. He no longer klackert and runs better. I want to cut his next few days the other claw, because he has hobbled. When I pressed quickly and properly with the pliers, it was good. But he did not like it definitely. Did I hurt him? Or just my transfer angst? I have determined not hit the nerve, because all claws are still too long. Bleeds it always when you cut too deep? or it can also previously hurt ??. So with us no blood has been shed. Or the dog has only scared because he realizes that I certainly can not ?. Or do we need to practice? My dog ​​is not showered or stuff like that. I let him usually in peace .. I hope it is only because I forced him to suffer little something .. But sometimes I have to nag the dog. In my lässst Also do not wear or take reluctantly on his arm. I think he has the can. We often practice. He is indeed older I have more to TA. He needs it to be lifted endure. I practice all the unpleasant things to him. He is getting older, soon to be 12 years and then he has to rely on me. It is also better. I saw him three years and he was a Fund dog. History and education unknown .. My dog ​​has bitten me three times in the first year and then never again. I love him and I want that he can run well. Always claws cutting the TA is too expensive. They also only a forceps .. Can I but also, if I everything Note ode? Unfortunately, my Hiund nails black .. Can anyone even give me a tip on how I can make it better? Anyway, he goes again better after my radical cure. In future I would like to have it less stressful for my beloved dog. So give me advice. I find clean cut must be. And if I'm too stupid I give back money from the TA.


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You're doing it all very well, go on like this. Since your dog is 12 years ago, he already counts yes to the dogs seniors. As he's out walking? Still pretty agile, or rather quiet? If you run on hard surfaces, then claws going well alone from, but you really help out. You can go to the vet, he should show it to you right and 1x. That does not cost 20 euros. Usually this is a matter of a few minutes.

cut claws enough every few months, many dog ​​salons offer with, in a salon with me around the corner, it costs 5 euros. This is really not the world 1-2 Baker visits :-) less and you can get it done professionally if you are unsure. I always cut 1-2 mm from, especially in the black and 1 week later again for 1 mm. You can also take a flashlight and shine forth through, then you also see how far you can cut.

My has not learned her life to like the claws cut - she was always afraid. She had the problem that a few of their claws were too high - therefore hardly came abrasion on the asphalt to conditions. 2 claws are even grown in curls.

My had also still an extremely long "life" in the claws, so you could always take away something. From time to time, the TA made and sometimes the Hundefriseuse.

Yes, there is once again so a specialist at work that probably had to provide only the easy-care items. I myself have 10 Chihuahua and which have not been requested. This will eventually become a problem and I have trouble when the claws must be trimmed. Chihuahua are truly sofa dogs and old dogs not really agile. If one or the other, it is quite straightforward if I come up with one of the pliers around the corner and other are so pedaling on that I get hurt. A friend of mine once said that it is also determined by the fact that they are here in the familiar surroundings. At the vet make any problems and in practice it is always really impressed that there are still so nice and sociable small dogs. But if I make alone is high lift, then here his shirt. I feel as always quite helpless, because I have the animals never done anything to complain about except. When I'm in the kitchen, I can bend down me without being cut off, but I'm going to bed down, then disappear already own at least three under. Once I sit is the world in order, there is no danger. Exercising is determined well so that they realize that does not always happen that unpleasant when you lifts or holds. Bathed were so far only four of all. Gismo has ever greasy fur (but he is healthy and eats the same food as the others), and Merlin had Schnubbi times eingesaut with liquid stool and Kessie is generally leaky and therefore not always so friendly nose. My dogs love me when I'm sitting or lying on the couch, but please do not lift or hold. Maybe you can with the dog to a girlfriend there on a table and then serve. Black nails are really a problem, but you have him not even cut very short and sometime you have it out. I also have a dog, which grow claws as soon as you can see in. Then a bitch of growing claws around the bale rum, that's really bad, but I Can Handle alone. Animals must actually build confidence and learn this is of course only if they fall and remember that nothing would happen and the man to protect them in distress. I have also failed to have a relaxed life here and know not to be threatened there. But Chihuahua are also very sensitive. Previously I had mixed race and no problems at all, although I am otherwise deal with those. Try it once with the other place and another person from when he is stressed out, then chop chop cope quickly and happily ever after.

Claws cutting find all dogs stupid. The sooner you the dog in a gentle way accustomed to the better (not learn what Hänschen .....) With an older Neuzukömmling which is somewhat more difficult. You have to convey calm and normalcy.

My dogs have black nails and the bitch inherited knew claws cutting also not yet. I let my dog ​​lay on the sofa, under the window, where good lighting is. With a nail file tip I remove only the dirt under the nails, then one can see how far the "life" is. Approximately 1mm in front is cut. Nail clean, check and cut for nail. Finally, the edges are slightly filed. This for art. Obedience, loyalty and trust is everything prerequisite around the dog. Not brutal force, but to enforce measures. Praise, take breaks of relaxation. The dog must learn that unpleasant things not to hurt, but to endure and are not bad. You're doing all right. Waiting but not again until such time as it rattles. Dear often and little, so that it becomes a ritual.

I think primarily you've transferred your nervousness. Did he know the claws cut already? If not, I would leave the pliers so that he can look at alone. Then he might again noted that this is no evil

Slowly and carefully practice is correct. patience

Now it takes revenge the dui have something not practiced in puppy age or the someone did wrong times.

we no longer cut, we grind cheap dremel with NEM. Since fragmented nothing.

And if I'm too stupid I give back money from the TA.

A dog that gets its necessary outlet, needs NEVER cut the claws.

This shows quite possible that he gets too little spout.

Animals are not toys for children!

Go to the vet and let the claws professionally cut or give the poor animal in expert hands.

I could burst when I read something like that - the poor animal is delivered to you and you have ZERO clue!

If you love him, you give him in better hands.

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