clean clay tiles with Durgol, that's a good idea not yet calcified?


My question is in the title ... I read somewhere that one should take Durgol to clean clay tiles indoors. But Durgol's a Antikalkmittel, why should that then be for clay tiles as well? Thanks for your suggestions ...

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Hello TheQuestions here again the same response as to your question above!

Unglazed clay tiles (Cotto) usually have the problem that you absorb fat and normal dirt like a sponge. Then, to return to obtain this surface clean only helps an alkaline cleaner.

The statement of Doris, the plates are cleaned with hydrochloric acid is not effective. Acid without additives helps alone against limescale, nothing else!

they need to clean the tiles first be well wetted, then the cleaner it depends. After 3 to 5 minutes, then the whole is taken up with a mop. When the first load of water is down, the soil is again wiped with clear water. A erproptes from me and very effective cleaning agent is the Ruja Dirtkiller. Try it, you'll be amazed at what there for a dirt slips away!

Good luck lg moebelfreak

I would suggest you to clean it with turpentine. Turpentine not nitro!

Do you mean with clay tiles "flow" or records?

Flowing is purified with normal household cleaner in the cleaning bucket with water. If they are very dirty, you can go also times with a high-pressure cleaner to the point ... :-)

For records, there are cleaning kits ... :-)

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