Climbing stairs with dog (31kg)

Hello everyone "Hündeler"!

I have a 3 year old Ridgeback Boxer Mastiff dogs, strong and athletic built and physically very fit. Now I go for a freelance job for 3 months to Barcelona and had a great apartment in prospect. The only problem: the apartment is on the 5th floor of an old house with no lift. The staircase is narrow and the steps rather narrow and steep. Do I have big concerns when my Doggy climbing stairs / stair descent 2-3x a day to go through have to do? It weighs 31 kg and I can carry it impossible. What do you all mean?

Lieber Gruss, Milla

The best answer

For three months the your dog will make no problem, after he shows no skeletal Auffälligkeoten.

You should him but from the beginning to teach slowly and deliberately to deal with the stairs. Should it safer for your dog to be alone, gently rising up and down (narrow) then he should also learn to take off leash the stairs and each to wait on sales on you.

Tip: Always make a plan to increase by unnecessary steps to avoid wg forgetfulness.

no problem. on a leash make climbing stairs nothing übrigends even in young dogs do not.

For a full-grown, healthy dog ​​that is no problem. But you should make sure that he does not übemütig the stairs up and down jumps, on a leash no problem.

I would not do something like my dog ​​when he is not used to use stairs ...

Is there in Barcelona, ​​only one apartment?

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