Close Encounters of the cemetery

Evening before just half an hour, I went to garden outside for a walk while I had headphones on, I do not have so respected where I go Aufjedenfall was very dark road in front of me after that and at the end of the road as much nature was little gate I Nix thought evil of it it was just quite dark and I then went in and well it was not a soul there when I was precisely looked landed in a cemetery well as said links and stood right statutes of angels and grave stones before I ereicht the other side of Fried Court I heard briefly from the gate a funny evil laugh I felt also observed when I was out of the cemetery, I was quite relieved

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Yes, and what is now the question? Or you wanted to just write the burden of your soul? Anyway .. An exciting story: D I find something very interesting;)

Nowhere was more peaceful neighbors as in the cemetery. And just because it's dark, you do not have the same suspect horror stories.

That sounds like a horror story but, well, I can only explain it as either your imagination has run away with you, or because you wanted a few people make shit with Noise LG :-)

How did you ever get the idea to go back there? "Oh it's dark and I'm alone, perfect situation to go to a cemetery ..."

Maybe that was just my imagination, or someone has laughed who has just walked past and had a creepy laugh.

interesting dream! But now you can wake up.

Perhaps a pedestrian because only so gone by;)

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