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Very very nice evening I wish the cost community. I am on the way to the 18th year of life and will most likely treat for my birthday a motorcycle since I am an avid fan of the 2 wheels for years and just take from there up to 48 hp / 35 KW "strong" little machine in operation allowed. The question now is whether it would be pure worth of a cost point rather assemble with friends one, the values ​​men have lengthy experience with motorcycles and other companions, so that would be prepared by Technical forth no problem, or whether I a in me a should be finished workshop. I wanted a chopper with 1100-1500 cc & lasts up to 48 Ps. Need help, and yea.

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That depends on what you envision as: when a completed converted Bike randomly meets your requirements, then it is likely to be cheaper (and faster) to buy this than to screw you. However, there is likely to be more the case that the actual state offered do not meet in every detail to the desired state. And then if eg a lot of money was spent on an exclusive flashers, you a different (and much cheaper) but much better like it, a finished piece converted may yet be a more expensive solution quickly. Especially since the example flashers so only a tiny detail from countless. give your dream moped with a professional in order? - Is, in principle, eliminating the above problems, but many remodelers like to fall again and again the same manufacturer back (even with the engines) - Chopper with a Harley engine there are already quite ordinary, but try 'times to find someone as the boxer engine one BMW installs. In a self-conversion (with expert friends) this hurdle falls away, you can theoretically take everything. Against a project on their own actually speak only two minor points: first, the time (takes longer - and possibly much) and secondly, the money (a professional shop involves many of the parts with corresponding discounts - but also the wages are higher). Screw yourself is fun - that should not be underestimated in such a project, for any special modifications but be quiet recourse to appropriate specialists (a modified swingarm example gets a pro easier by TÜV as a private hobbyists).

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