Cockatiel and MIRROR!

Heyyy unzwar I ya on the Internet read the cockatiels mirror tuen not good would but my Nymphi flies constantly to the mirror hanging on my wall even though I do not own but to hold 2 is still useable so bad?

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Can not you to remove? Something like this can the birds already make crazy when they see permanent putative counterparts that do not actually are for. he works because enough with his own kind? to understand the two at all? Because that could be reasons why he prefers to write with the "peers" in the mirror ..

Well, are still flock of birds (I 4 in a large Voilere) is jtzt not you need more, but in the mirror he sees "more" Nymphies that is for him the more eyes by attackers look out, saying he feels safe, but I think jtzt relatively unimportant ... As long as he is more and more busy with his real partner I do not believe sooooo bad

Yes, do the mirror away.

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