Cocker Spaniel - Dog - question :) :)

Hey everyone :) we have a 9 months old cocker spaniel bitch. Now we would like to have a new car and ask us how long and how much it will be in about once ..: D at the moment it is still relatively small .. maybe Jmd an English Cocker Spaniel and could give me by approximate dimensions? Or knows jmd? Thank you !!

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A cocker spaniel female weighs between 12-15kg, a male weighing 13-16kg.

A Cocker Spaniel lady is about 36-41cm in size, a male is greater, namely 38-43cm.

Cocker Spaniel have a length of about 60 cm!

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I could understand your question, if you could keep a mastiff or Irish Wolfhound - because you'd have to take the size into consideration when buying a car.

But a cocker spaniel is a little medium sized dog that fits in any car. Either buckled in the back seat, or - with a Combi - also in a matching dog crate in the "trunk" (ie the combi certainly different)

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A Cocker I pack loose in the trunk of a Suzuki Splash. Because although he has no ballroom, but he fits in. Thus as compared to other cars.

If you are a large family and sometimes want to go away together including dog, thinking about the luggage! That takes place and the dog also.

My always had their "dance hall" in the trunk, while the luggage was piled in the back seat ;-) We traveled mostly just the two.

That you should think twice before you gets a dog. What if you want a small dog, you do not will inform you and at the end of a huge calf at your home rum running ... Moreover, there is still Aunt Google. But that you're happy, your pooch is about 40 cm tall Lg

would say, were ye even so not busy with euere race? you would know the final size - otherwise - goooel is your friend .. a cocker but is not a huge dog - can fit in any car clean.

Origin: United Kingdom


Male 39-41 cm

Bitch 38-39 cm


12.5-14.5 kg

From: wikipedia

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