Coconut oil for the dog?

Can I my Yorkshire Terrier do einbisschen organic coconut oil after bathing in the coat? For us yes istdas well.

The best answer

You can do the fur the dog daily. Is not only good, but also protects against ticks. Our gets it on in summer before Gassi go fur, they do not like it though. The Labrador of a friend after licking everything down again because he finds it totally delicious =).

But please bathe your dog only when it is really needed, say for example he has wallowed in Aas. Because the skin and coat go from the shampoo (also of dog shampoo) broken and the natural protective layer is destroyed.

Everything else on dirt goes away with clean water.

If you want to ruin his natural smell even further what you've already done with the bath, you can do that. Why you bathe the dog? Dogs must and should not bathe. Baden destroys the natural protective skin and coat. The fur is then the faster dirty, the self-cleaning function is overridden, the dog is prone to dandruff, eczema, infections.

What may be good for people is far from good for dogs. Why? Dogs are not human.

Yes you can do that. Coconut oil also helps against ticks and natural treatments for the skin.

Why you bathe your dog?

Has your dog wallowed in something icky-stinking?

Dogs should be bathed as little as possible - bathe frequently destroy the natural acid mantle of the dog ...

Why do you want organic coconut-oil grease in his hair?

What purpose will that have?

So the olle and frequent bathing let his dear.

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