Cold and cough - school?

Hello everybody. Can nich asleep nasal congestion and cough. I'm already the last week mildly ill. Morning School Yes No?

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(Can indeed be different from state to state but) we must rest three days without medical Artest home. Parents must then call halt and write Entschldigung. Ask the times. In your place I was before ner week also. I did not go ...

If something is important, that you can not easily repeat then go, if not then stay at home and let apologize from your parents.

No way! You could otherwise miss too little substance. We do not want that you mitbekommst nothing and writing bad grades.

if not you then feel let yourself for tomorrow or wenns must be longer log!

Sleep thee out, may be healed and plug not everyone else still on: D

tja is always such a thing .. the one hand it can be a model, if you still drags on despite illness in the school .. On the other hand, there is quite a number ego because you infect other people ^^

Stay at home, or go to the doctor.

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