Collision between legs!

Is something embarrassing while but am only recently, as I was about to go out of the shower slipped and fell right between the legs on the edge of the bathtub. The impact was just below the testicles. but I still had a lot of pain and sat back in the tub, where I suddenly went black and dizzy, after 2-3 minutes He did however again. Could here what worse have happened or should I worry about. (M / 18) lg

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I do not think so: D If you have great pain, then a short black. I fell out my thumb ... I think that was the most painful thing I've seen so far: D I was also briefly blacked out, and also made me feel sick. But he was not even cheated ... But if you are unsure you can even go to the doctor.

Hope you goes well again; D

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Is nothing bad I think but remote diagnoses are not always right when you have pain tomorrow morning then I would go to a doctor who can tell you exactly what happened

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