Colorful hair - prejudices?


I have often times colorful hair, I already know all the prejudices and the stuff with which one is confronted here. Currently are meant hair platinum (-blond), so quite a "discreet" color for my circumstances. That I go to the FOS next year in my opinion, no problem, but I would like a small student job. That said, I would just at Aldi, Rewe or something start (many other options you have with 16 years not ^^). And now that I was about to ask: Suppose I cross there on with pastellilanen or silver hair - what will happen? I mean, I'm only 16 and it is after all still a supermarket. Thank you in advance! : D

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One can not say a flat rate. This depends entirely on the person who sets up (or not). But if you're otherwise NEN komptenten impression that should not be a too big obstacle in speaking such a side job. (And in your place I would also prefer looking NEN job where that's ok, as one in which you have to adapt to very)

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