combat jealousy? I see cute classmate as COMPETITION why? Omg ..

Hi, I 14 (w) see a classmate as a rival to even though they did not help me .. I'm jealous .. She is thin .. I am 'Normal Overweight' so I'd say dick .. At a size of 1,62m I weigh 51kg !! So I find myself thick .. But now we come to the real problem. It weighs as much as I !!! But she looks so much thinner but when I made .. I have often wondered whether but my balance is wrong no .. In the pharmacy I weigh also 51 .. My friends, I think myself wrong but that's not .. Well now she has started a diet (I have in front of her and am just looking for a new place.) and it keeps the diet actually quite good (we are friends, that's why I know so much about it) yesterday I for example 500kcal ate 200 too much and there CHOCOLATE was there ..) and then I was excited because the bit much .. Today I have therefore not yet eaten but it had not before. I just have to be better .. No I DO NOT NEED BUT WHY I THINK I WILL IT MUST .. I'm kinda full the jealous girlfriend wrong .. Of course I'm always nice to her and let nothing of note but that makes me ready. . Why am I ever jealous? .. I do not envy his .. Envious people are stupid .. I'm stupid .. How can I overcome my stupid jealousy?

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hi, think that's great that you're so self-critical. But you shall praise thee also, are as safe enough. Remember, you are unique, with your advantages and quirks. You are you. When you dance more on your uniqueness, you're automatically going to no longer be measured by others. A boy that you like, also has feelings for you or not - but certainly not it depends on your girlfriend. The more you say "yes" to you, the more likely it will get rid of these feelings of envy. LG and all the best, Korinna

So first you're absolutely beautiful just as you are your weight is just perfect, so let not pull you down, please. Everyone looks just like him should look and I do not believe that she is more beautiful than you because every person is beautiful in its own way, and also still changes with the age of 14 your body anyway strong and then my love with a diet to begin're you crazy ? 500kcal! what do you think why there is a "default" what you should take daily to you? so you must first be clear to you that you if you nothing eats YOUR body NOT ENOUGH ENERGY TO LIFE GIVE. You have to somehow move and for that you need the energy and 500kcal you hurt you more than you what you're doing good so just to look thinner. Eat Just have what you want, you're not ugly society, it is. And your jealousy lies down quickly when you start you finally even to be considered as well, and not to look for the "beauty ideal" for you in other people. Best regards :-)

So first you're clearly not a piece of thick rather it is too thin

2. ichs also nice that you can so blatantly selbsteinschätzen you and

3. this is normal always vergelicht with others and trying to be better than this but you should not your negative sites umbeding destroy everyone has negative side you're on your jar file more positive focus also find I is your diet something crass and you not Get your body with her compare so because each a different metabolism I did as'll immediately kilo fatter if I do a little more than usual to eat and others as not also you may have other atribute which it has not so you not only on concentrating ); wherein it is better, but on which you are better, then the thought disappears quickly secure

First: it is very good that you realize all this! For this, not everyone is able. :)) And no you are not too thick. Yes some have thicker bones, or more muscles. So you can also at the same weight and size still look different. And yes it is normal so that something is competition. You will know people who are better than you, just as you are better than many others always in life. So it Accept! And the first way to beauty is to accept yourself. to Himself nice feel .. Because the causes charisma! : D

Your goal is just 300 kcal per day to eat and to what effect? 100% yo-yo effect ?! Do you even rudimentary what are you doing? Hunger metabolism, ever heard of? Oh please please please get informed urgently else do you subject yourself to anything else.

You do not approach as thick'm only 3-4 Cham larger and weigh "significantly" (so goes so) more

You wanted to take only 300 kcal to you? Buy some equally grave stones. Makes her a starvation diet ??

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