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Hello I love hope someone can help me. My girlfriend true on Saturday 03/01/2015 work. Everything was great until someone came true to her and has told what about me or showed. Silk which I still get a sms from my girlfriend. You told me you would call contradict me if they can have a conversation with 4 eyes with me. I do not know what to do? You still pays the bills and gave me not say the deadline is. I have now written a long letter and wait if they contact me. But what if not still. I found your dear and have your made a proposal of marriage and all that on youtube. I have already tried everything. What do you make would? Looks someone still hope? I do not want to lose and would do anything. Thank you for your answers. Evt. then I can sleep better.

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I have no idea how old you are and what exactly happened there, but I would say that you have made the matter by the Heraitsantrag on Youtube worse rather than better. Firstly this is verdammmt embarrassed for them - depending on how you do it and who has seen which could eventually the running joke is that they must listen to the next 20 years, and secondly, it all looks like you because anything guilty.

It makes you well unmistakably clear that they (first or permanently) their rest wants. So they give her.

Let them time 2-3 weeks completely lie to the left and do something with your buddies or devote yourself wholeheartedly your hobbies. And if they still can not hear anything from itself, you make it easy personally unless you know where she is at the moment. Finally, you seem quite a lot have to be clarified and solely for financially unclear situation you have an argument, to talk to her. But since then: Less is more. So do not show up with heart-balloons, chocolates and roses, but might show up a little better looking than in everyday life with her and as calmly and objectively talk to her.

At least that would be my tip with the limited information. So, stay relaxed and looking forward no matter what happens, life goes on.

Good luck!

If you believe strangers then pretty naiv- AUSER is when the corresponding truth! but I'm assuming that you know what was told not even has and that's bloed! I would try contact her take and ask what we were told exactly and when she does, after all stubborn I would let them first inruhe, do not forget: Loving people are leaving not a fast. Good luck!

In any case you can in your grammar file, for rest you will not be able to influence.

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