comes a shepherd dog from a Rottweiler / Šarplaninac / Kangal?

Hello. We are interested in us zuzulegen 2 family dogs. We definitely want a German shepherd dog and then another Rottweiler / Šarplaninac / Kangal. Actually we wanted a husky, but so much time again we have not, he needs to do more exercise than most other dogs and we are not dog sled driver;) ok back on topic. Would the 2 breeds (ie German Shepherd + Rott ... or sar ... or kangal) well tolerated when they grow up as a puppy together with us? As I said we just want a family dog, there are certainly other great races, but we liked this especially. PS: we are not of those dogs as attack dog or so form, even if the rottweiler example is one, there is always yes on education behaves like a dog ... I hope I get sensible answer, thank you!

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First of all: Inform yourself first generally about dogs. So how to come off the question you have from dog training / posture not so insanely much idea.

Next firstonce obsolete A dog. The being raised, socialized and trained. If he then a "perfect" family dog ​​is (as with 1einhalb or 2 years), you can a second as a puppy easily to bring.

Guard dogs as Sarplaninac and Kangal sitting hauf in animal shelters because they can be problematic as a pure family dogs and are then submitted by überforderderten owners. For dog owners these breeds are not suitable! If you thus a Husky is already too strenuous ... Shepherds are being considered as working dogs. Only on the grounds rumgammeln not overloaded from. With which one should therefore work. Whether you go to the dog place or just for fun tracks sets etc.

For the Rottweiler (and possibly for Kangal and Sarpi) you also have to count in some states with increased requirements. So Inform yourself first.

Please do not just start running and buy two dogs!

It does not come to the race at but I've heard the Kangal often seen as jealous and could thus lead it problems among dogs but jealous, any dog ​​I will have merely that it belongs in Kangal is extremely if you do not care enough about him care but the other

herd protection dogs are not dogs make the seat-space-foot, they are independent, gets to act by myself, what is in our environment not at all desirable, and can be dangerous ... did you yourself once asked for what were kangal and Sarplaninac bred that do not belong in a house or an apartment, please believe me that is not very happy ... let yourself times in a club for herd protection dogs educate, go since times back and learn to know these races and you will realize who you're your own selfishness omitting the these dogs in the mountains with their herds belong to happily be ... just like the Husky in snow and ice is one where he can run overtime, in our environment it is only concentrated, held on leash because he uncompromisingly hunting since he was grown just for to survive in extreme conditions ... just hold me when Shepherd and whom you have brought up and he is from the coarsest out (about 3 years) depending on to your hand, you'll notice how much time you need for a dog and if your time really is enough and you are willing to sacrifice your complete leisure to work with the dogs and to beschäfftigen humanely and racial justice

Because the races are the same. If you puppy the animals get used to each other al, then they will get along with each other. I mean but to have heard that you should not keep umbedingt two males together ... but I biun not sure .. Otherwise I would leave me in a dog school or animal shelter or veterinarian advice.

Two puppies suddenly is madness. No Decent Breed would give you if you already have one a puppy.

Have not you ever experience with dogs? Kangal and Co are absolutely no beginner dogs. There are dogs that best belong to a flock of sheep and is not in any garden.

Even the Rottweiler needs an experienced hand.

Your could NEVER be two puppies justice. A puppy needs it all the attention which the education and socialization is concerned, with two puppies that is as good as not to create.

Inform yourself about the first dog ownership vorallen puppy attitude. Then what breed is likely best suited to you.

A Kangal and Šarplaninac certainly not. That dog bred on independence. You really need experienced hands. A Rottweiler and German Shepherd is demanding breeds that love with a lot of experience and want to be educated and need enough employment. And since I do not red day to traipse from 3 times around the block.

Like you already said:

es kommt ja immer auf die Erziehung an wie sich ein Hund verhält

This also applies to the social skills with each other.

It does not depend on the races, whether 2 Dogs understand but to its character. You must slowly try to socialize them. Let advise you by a veterinarian or an animal shelter. The have a lot of experience with it.

this is not a question of race but of socialization

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