Comical palpitations?

Hi Guys,

I used sometimes had strange palpitations. It throbs normal until suddenly 1-2 strokes are different. It's hard to is as if my heart vibrate or move so not only rap but as if it would falter as if it increased it while pumping. Anyway, I have now much more often sometimes even after another a few times. You know perhaps what this is or you had something like that?


The best answer

That you should check whether they by a doctor. Could on Herzstolpern or arrhythmias indicate. Because you should not necessarily be trifled with something, a more detailed investigation would be highly advisable. Perhaps is made simply an EKG or a Holter.

Such heart stumbles almost everyone, but if it is more common and troubling you, you should talk about it with a doctor. It's probably nothing wrong;)

This is due to excitement if that happened again just a deep breath and from poor then it would go again

It can be a cardiac arrhythmia. Often triggered by stress. However, we are here no doctor's office a visit to the doctor is still the best!


what you will be referred to in medicine as so-called ectopic describe. This is a cardiac excitation, both electrically menchanisch, too much in the firing sequence.

Especially in younger people or in those with a high caffeine or alcohol sales and corresponding substances occurs frequently.

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