Commercial abroad + insurance in DE?


I'm a little overwhelmed with my insurance location in Germany. research and googling After much, I still have not found any conclusive answer to my problem.

What's done: I am Austrian. Have last year for 6 months to 01.31.2014 worked in Germany as Angesteller. War law versichert.- at this time with DAK Then I'm back to Austria, where I founded my business.

In Austria I pay and insurance (both statutory and private) and my taxes. Now I'm currently passing even an internship here in Germany. Instead I made nothing of it.

I have now reported me again in DE and immediately got a letter from my old assurance that I would voluntarily insure.

But since I no income in DE have, and my (actual) main residence is actually still Austria, I do not understand why I assure me must. Is there no other way than to reassure me twice?

I hope here can someone help me with my insurance situation somewhat.

Thank you so much!

The best answer


in the EU there are precise delineation rules in statutory health insurance: you can be assured only in a health insurance company.

Here we have experts to European Union law in health insurance:



In the EU there is an agreement within the statutory health insurance.

You should be notified of this German health insurance that you are eligible for this insurance in Austria, the insurer as well as the Vers.Nr. notified.

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