compile Gaming PC for ca.1000-1100 €

Can someone please on the Siete which I link, a Gaming Pc, together 1000-11000 € ca? Already have an SSD. Give your link with the compiled Pc in the comments

Thank you!

The best answer

If you want to overclock:

- - Alternatively with MSI Z87 G43 Gaming. An i5 paired with a high-end motherboard with 20CPU phases, Bluetooth, WiFi, a fully equipped sound chip and enough PCIe slots.

If you do not want to overclock:


Greeting, Pikar

Take instead the gtx 970, the Radeon 290x. Bin until now still not satisfied me my 290 (no x): D.

Drop by at thegnaahd yt by making good advice videos

Sry forgot the link

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