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Hello days since 2-3 I aufeimal get dysphagia. as I am today mirror my neck looked I saw inside (where this suppository is, no idea whether the saying) something that I never had. Iwas almond-shaped or round was right. I had never seen had to have come or it is swollen. I wanted to ask what it might be and how to get it away quickly without the artz to run and take unnecessary medication?

thanks in advance myco ♡

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So the almonds are left and right behind the uvula. In this respect I can give the all clear, because this is so with every person who has his tonsils yet. Should be visible white or yellowish specks on revenge entrance around the uvula or the underlying almonds, you have a bacterial infection that usually goes to only treat with an antibiotic. In the case as soon as possible to the doctor. If the neck around the uvula only be flushed, you've probably a viral infection. In both cases, rest, and relaxation is curing of the medication needed. Eat healthy, drink plenty. Neck care with soothing agents ...... etc. etc..

Could be a tonsillitis. So you have to definitely go to the doctor. There could you possibly get something against the sore throat / swallowing at the pharmacy. Best not lozenges, but a throat spray (Ey are example of Wick), which is sprayed directly on the inflammation. With any luck, this makes it even better and you can save yourself the doctor. Get well :)

Swollen tonsils. So if they eithern is not all okay. If there but make so yellowish stripes, is the Either and you need to see a doctor, so that he will prescribe you antibiotic. Solang but they are just thick, you need to relax, wear a scarf, eating ice cream and drinking cold cola you. LG: 3

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