complete collection installment, now what?


have completed an installment payment and would now call promptly at collection companies. Only: What should I ask for now? Finally, I really need a confirmation of the amount paid. Furthermore, I do not know how it goes with the Schufa. Can you apply, or demand that can be discharged it at the Schufa the billing company?


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Either the devalued by collection title (dunning or writ of execution) or, if this is not available, a settlement declaration, together with the current account statement.

If it is noted in the Schufa, then goes off the record until the expiry of 31.12.2018; unless the principal has not exceeded an amount of 1000, 00 euros. Then you can stop by detection to delete the entry immediately or the collection call, with the top attached argument to delete their entry themselves instantly Schufa.

You can watch once a year free of charge it sent a Schufaauskunft, look on the Internet on the side of SCHUFA, is quite simple and straightforward, and you can see if it's reported there at all. It also notes the deletion of records

You shall ask (apply for) 2 things from collection agencies:

  1. a receipt for the total amount paid, is the requirement is described in detail and their complete eradication (extinction) is confirmed,
  2. a "Completed Declaration" to the Schufa (if the demand from the collection agency or the creditor had been reported there).

You can not request that the billing company can deliver it at the Schufa, because the collection agencies on the discharge has no influence. It can only emit Completed Declaration.

have completed an installment payment and would now call promptly at collection companies.

Worse, it does not go.

  1. Man not phoned in legal matters. No exception!
  2. It does not make payment plans, certainly not with collection agencies, you pay yourself stupid and dumb to any fees that would have existed in any court in this land.

On your other questions I will not go but instead ask yourself which are relevant to an assessment.

  • How high is the demand (total and aufgestückelt into individual items)?
  • If the requirement established by a court (judicial order for payment procedure or civil procedure)?
  • Have you signed a written acknowledgment of debt?
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