Complete the PC Arma 3


I wanted to ask if the PC Arma 3 provides?! ...

Specs from the PC: AMD FX cpu (4x3,4GHz) Nvidia GTX 560 500TB disk 8GB DDR3 RAM

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Yes start but does that games enhanced visual experience you will not have. Particularly problematic are bigger battles. Do not expect too much, the key to our liquid gameplay is the sight. Hold this low and the property details should be only moderate. Emergency resolution scaled down.

Yes, works loose. Must only to the graphic eighth. Extreme / Supreme does not work in any case. (Even with a i7 4770k, 570GTX Oc and 8GB 2400MHz ....)

Should laufen.Hast not posted the exact CPU, there are various AMD FX.Hatte Arma 3 at GTX 285 even run on.

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