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I want to terminate the employment contract in late January. I Lt .. contract the same notice as the employer. At the moment I am 9 years companies. As of February 2015, there were more then 10 years. What is the deadline for me when I. Termination at 31.01 will file? 3 months or 4 months ....

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If you already know now that you want to go anyway, then cancel the same. Because then you need comply only these three months notice. Would be better for you. Have you found another place? I wish you luck that everything goes as you vorstelltst you.

Until February 3 months, from February 4 months.

But if you do anyway know then quit but now already in time for the end of April.

So in general, to your notice depends on your seniority. This means the years that you have been working without interruption with the same employer.

In your employment regulation should be, if necessary, check as well as what is in your collective agreement.

Mh the only thing I can think of is that you can resolve your employment contract by mutual agreement.

Comes optionally on your employment. Often there is also xxx weeks at end of quarter or so. But you can also often agree with the AG - who also wants to have not necessarily continue to sit around an unmotivated ON at all times.

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