Concealer on the skin you can see, using such right? :)

Hello :) I have a little problem .. If my reddened nose with concealer, whether solid or liquid, would cover, you can not see the redness, but you siet very strongly that there is something on my skin .. I On my skin / nose before some cream or a primer before use, or both, leave out, you can see it just always! Even if I then powder it do .. I already tried many ahbe concealer colors and brands but it is useless .. Only the green cream against redness is useless and if I dadrüber concealer behalf seen halt the concealer no matter what I brush verblende. Weiss. someone what could be there, or what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance :) am grateful for any answer :)

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Take for eg a damp scourers ago for orders. Vllt the concealer is not your real skin color let me simply times advise

hi, I would try it after you have applied the concealer, lotion the face with a tinted day cream and possibly. then use in shiny patches Translucent Powder eg Börlind. LG Korinna

This is due to the color

Try out different colors!

I can recommend the concealer by essence! ^^

Hey :) You have to dazzle the concealer! Then one sees no 'spot' more;)

In every drug there is a Beauty Blender with you verblendest all :) or you take your finger and tupfst all that and what you see streichst you just a little way :)

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