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Tomorrow I love her :) go this (or next) year on a justin bieber concert & ask you now saving stupid comments. may know a few of you that as a konzerkarte costs a lot. so to 300-400 €. which is then my birthday. I would ever get the card, but everything else I have to pay themselves. So this outfit & fanartikel etc. ie - save, save, save. My question is: what do you need for a concert? we will be there very early, 5-10 hours before, so cushion & cover are already planned. would appreciate some respond so I can calculate approximately how much money I need. well then, nice day yet! :)

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if earlier to eat her because since halt what and takes genügent drinks, no one wants to upset the concert, otherwise I would take me stop employment (ie games, books, etc.) would then leave but during the concert in the car, because you who can not take in, for concert itself, I would just take ne small pocket where your money and card comes in more you need nich :)

much does it cost nicjt! only the meet & greet cards the 1st series cards have 180gekostet last time! diamond circle :)

As you know when and where he has a concert?

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