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How long you have to pay for a health insurance until you get paid after 6 weeks continued the sick days?

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Generally one has a waiting period of 6 months, until one is entitled to the benefits of insurance. Simply drop in your contract - if it is about hospital cash. - Otherwise, your question makes no sense - sickness benefit everyone gets automatically which is continuously more than 6 weeks sick. This is paid for by the statutory health insurance and has nothing to do with insurance. lg Lilo


the waiting time is regulated in the policy conditions of the relevant tariff. It is often several months, for example 6 or 8 months.

If services are shortly applied after the end of the waiting period, the insurance company will usually write the doctors to find out whether all details were provided complete and accurate at the health issues in the insurance application.



I do not understand. Hospital cash benefit you have to pay a maximum of 28 days if you are sick for more than six weeks, you get sick pay from your Checkout paid. Without insurance.

Normally, the waiting time is after the contract 6 Monate.Wenn you daily sickness mitversicherst in insurance, then stands in the contract terms of when to pay the sickness allowance.

obs there are ne reversionary, is in agreement ...

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