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Hey .. I want for a friend his dog form .. The problem is, and is 2 years old and has not enjoyed in no respect education. Pomeranian! Will always supported and is very anxious. Was already 2 times completely okay with it on the dog place .. Was she barks dogs behind her. But if dogs to run on them running back or go / hiding behind me. I see the small Saturday and sometimes on Saturday when she sleeps from Friday with me. Moreover've 2 dogs educated, but to which I had from the very beginning with respect! How do I do it with the small? Because I yes you should see and can they do at home and what they want? Helpful tips thank

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You will have probably experienced something bad before they came to your friend. She barks other dogs behind because they so fear their "hide" will ------> fear dominance. Did they "only" in front of other dogs or fear before people? To get them used to other dogs, it would be advisable not to let go the same to several dogs, but that it occurs first with only one dog in contact (preferably a male). If she has in front of people afraid not immediately release a number. In addition, do not stretch the hand over his head, but careful coming by hand from the bottom and go to their height.

Was already 2 times with her on the dog space

as you should but go more than 2x, visit of 2x the dog learns nothing. Furthermore the owner should take education into their own hands, there is no use if the dog listens to you and not to him, or the owner fails to comply with the plan of education! If this dog only rumträgt, your educational success is also nullified and brings little to no success!

That brings your buddy little if you educate the dog!

@ Sakura42869,

for socialization and for the education of a dog, the holder of the dog is responsible.

If the holder of this can not take over, he would do well for this purpose to turn to a professional man for dogs and to take his help.




It seems anyway to have confidence!

Otherwise they would not have to hide behind you and seek shelter!

You can trust but increase even more by you feed her treats and not hit and stuff.

Lg. Lena

a erziehugn kannnur fold when de r Halter draws on the same strand - otherwise the dog knows garnich tmehr what is esoll and no longer behave properly. Also - why should DUUU educate the dog and then brought up to the proposed holder and dog is then a lifetime of well-educated, or ??? this attitude is totally daneben--

as it would be if you make along with the halter on Wochenede or if the time has the training - it could at least something coming in rum otherwise to de r halter times spend money and invest in a reasonable coach-but if he does not ready is to comply with the arrangements, he can save a erziehugn.

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