Confusing pricing policy in the Apple Watch!

How many know for sure is for April this year announced the Apple Watch, but prices fluctuate so strong that one could believe that these supposed experts trying to outbid merely mutually. At the beginning it was so, that the sports € 350 steel version 500-600 € and the edition will cost € 4,000-5,000. Then it was at some point that the steel version € 700 and € 10 000 Edition but cost is. Today suddenly standing there to steel Version 1.000 € and more will cost and the edition will cost € 10,000-20,000 sick! Seriously, what's wrong there now? When the final numbers are then Apple has yet really lost any sense of reality or? I mean you can get a device that is manufactured in mass production on the one hand not comparing manufactured by craftsmen like Rolex or? Apart from the fact built-in technology is by no later than 3 years anyway outdated and therefore hardly worth. In addition, Apple will still sell really a high number of devices or am I wrong here?

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I mean you can get a device that is manufactured in mass production on the one hand not comparing manufactured by craftsmen like Rolex or?

The manufacturing process of the Apple Watch and especially the Apple Watch Edition is extremely complex and lengthy, also most bracelets are at least partially manufactured or processed by hand.

A Rolex, even one from simple steel costs, much more. Your comparison is not so.

The US prices of the Apple Watch are as follows:

- Apple Watch Sport 349 $ (38 mm) or $ 399 (42 mm), each with two plastic bracelets.

- Apple Watch: 549 or $ 599 with two plastic bracelets

- Apple Watch Edition: $ 10,000 or $ 12,000 with two plastic bracelets

Depending bracelet significantly more. For example, costs the stainless steel bracelet single $ 449, more than one Apple Watch Sport ...

Us Europeans it now hits particularly hard; by the weak euro and the fact that the US prices are given without VAT, we are shocked by significantly higher numbers:

- Apple Watch Sport: 399 or € 449

- Apple Watch: 649 and 699 €

- Apple Watch Edition: 11,000 or € 13,000

At first I was a bit shocked, but in hindsight should see one that Apple prices do not have much else can make.

There is no prize, and, accordingly, no pricing policy. But there is apparently not recommend an unofficial competition in prices. Who has tuned fun, must advise with. All other's just wait.

Nothing wrong about it. The variety of people take a look into their glass ball and just put a number in the space. What is the price at the end, Apple will tell you soon enough.

You can expect to 400-600 in the sport and in the edition of 1200, I guess. 10000-20000 never

Just wait times, currently everything is just speculation.

This is typical of Apple

Everything Glaskugelei. Just wait...

Let them come times (April, according to Tim C.). Then there will be prices. Ps: I'm looking forward to the Watch.


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