/ Connecting external hard drive to your MacBook Air Pro?


it is possible to a "normal" external hard drive (2.5 inches) to a MacBook (Air / Pro) to connect storage expansion?

Have different part of "Do not", "complexity" to add "Play it, top loading files does not work."

Thank you!

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Hi, I assume it is a normal usb disk. That should be no problem, mac os x can read and write, if the disk has been formatted by a windows system to my knowledge ntfs (standardWindows format). Unless they can be according to your needs in a mac own format or indeed in ntfs (when you can use it under windows would) format. This is very simple disk-utility in.

Goes without problems.

New large disks usually come in NTFS format. This can be the Mac only read, but not write. If the plate come exclusively on Macs used, they should be formatted in "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". Want it now and then also times to a Windows PC Connect, you make it in "exFAT" format.

Formatting you are doing with the Disk Utility application, located in the Applications / Utilities. The procedure itself takes only a few seconds.

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