Constant tingling in the head at night sleep'm afraid that it's a brain tumor that's why I do not go to the doctor what else can I do?

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The symptoms do not suggest a brain tumor. A diagnosis can give you, however, only the doctor ask, after having made investigations. A remote diagnosis is not possible. But there is no reason for the fear of a brain tumor!

go because of the fear of a brain tumor, not the doctor is completely illogical. If you have what I think is unlikely, could be a doctor of the Notes early, you might help, there are brain tumors that are operable. Did you not go to the doctor, you die, sooner or later it.

So go to the doctor if you are afraid or not, the probability that it is a brain tumor I guess but very small. Such things in an Internet forum on issues, do not make it better, so just go to the doctor.

You go rather to the doctor. He will give you security :) otherwise you make yourself even crazier

And how will you find out what it really is, if you do not go to the doctor? Remote diagnostics can provide here also nobody.

go to the doctor. then maybe you can still do something about it, know how much time you have left and so then you have exactly. maybe it's something else and you put yourself completely in vain such care! go, there is a doctor, he will help you. peep it out for symptoms and then just look if they apply to you

What advice do you expect from lay people who do not know what you have ??

Either you're going to the doctor or you are sleeping still poor, have a tingling sensation in the head, and fear of a brain tumor. Incidentally, I do not understand how you come to a brain tumor. The tingling can be everything and nothing.

Make a decision!

Go to the doctor. We can not help you here.

Next suffer ... go to the doctor!

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