Constellation the big dog .. which view is correct?

In most representations that I have found on the internet the constellation big dog is shown Constellation the big dog .. which view is correct?

Often, however, even with another star to the left of Sirius, or even with more stars, so one really sees a dog on it. (Unfortunately I could add a photo link in google very what I mean)

Why are other stars are in some representations with involved and not many? And what is the representation by astronomical really correct?

Thanks for your answers, LG

The best answer

The linked representation is correct, but the other representations found by you are correct. Why is that now? There is no set form for constellations and fixed stars that form the constellation with imaginary guides. The IAU has however fixed limits for constellations that are valid internationally. Did you see times how the constellations are shown partially in Shanghai? ;-)

Astronomy attracts no funny lines; because the sky is pretty divided into 88 larger or smaller fields.

Thus, if you connect more of the star, then the less great Funzeln are just around it.

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