Construction noise in the apartment -.-

Hello, in our new high-rise apartments are built and therefore it is very noisy, but only at about 5-7 pm. That is when all come home from work / school, it is terribly noisy. I (15 / f) permanent'm stressed and I can rest for a minute, I'm currently have an emotional wreck and can not stand it anymore. What can be done about it? We reduce the rent already, but what can I do provisionally, so I can rest times. Thank you!

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Can it be that since many work privately, to move to? or work as craftsmen black? I would like to see the whole itself, ask how long the construction noise goes. Inform me. You can I only advise earplugs, because you have no legal possibility of this noise, which is hopefully only temporarily to escape.

Well, if because the brain is not ready, it is determined to come, right? reduce ... rent with 15? I do not think so. Tip: sports club, ice cream or park bench for few minutes. ... What does because actually the landlord about it?

because there is a possibility that you will spend the week several times this time with a friend in another house?

This disorder you must accept only from 22 clock it would sleep disorder until 7am.

But what can I do provisionally, so I can rest times

Hold it to stay a few days elsewhere.

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